Giovanni Ciccia: 7 movies you can’t stop watching by the actor from Al fondo Hay Sitio [VIDEO]

The last two episodes of There is room in the background have made the unique acting quality of Giovanni Ciccia clearly visible, who has surprised the thousands of followers of the series of America Television with his interpretation of ‘Diego Montalban‘, arriving, in some cases, to bring out some tears in the viewers.

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What are the 4 movies you can not stop watching by Giovanni Ciccia?

1.- Red Ink

Follow the story of Alfonso, played by Giovanni Ciccia, who starts working as a trainee editor on the crime page of a tabloid newspaper. Some of his colleagues, like Escalona, ​​the photographer, admire and respect Faundez, the boss, a cynical man disenchanted with life. But our protagonist little by little will show his talent in the press. Here I advance it in case you haven’t seen it yet.

2.- DJango: the other side

This film is based on real events, and follows the story of a notorious thief named Orlando González, better known as django. It features a special performance by Melania Urbina, and other renowned actors of Peruvian television. here your trailer.

3.- Do not tell anyone

Starring Christian Meier, Joaquin Camino and Giovanni Ciccia, is part of one of the most representative filmographies of national cinema. “A well-off young man from Peruvian high society tries to flee from his social and family environment to try to find his sexual identity. The young man decides to try everything that comes his way,” reads its plot, you can see it on Netflix.

4.- Crazy in love

“A crazy and fun musical comedy where the characters will discover that it’s never too late to be crazy in love again”, dictates the synopsis of the film starring Giovanni Cicia and that you can find it on the popular streaming platform. here your trailer.

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Other 3 films that you cannot miss from Giovanni Ciccia?

However, in his filmography we can also find other types of productions, which you cannot miss if you want to know more about the acting talent of Giovanni Ciccia. Below is the list that completes the 7 best films by the interpreter of ‘Diego Montalban’.

5.- The Gospel of the Flesh

6.- Daisy

7.- The gospel of the flesh