Giovanni Ciccia after the scene that stars in a fight with Cristobal in AFHS: “It was a tense moment”

The renowned Peruvian actor, Giovanni Cicia He spoke about the delicate scene he starred in with Franco Pennano in Al fondo hay lugar, where Diego Montalbán’s character discovers the truth about Cristobal, who really didn’t know how to cook. The interpreter commented that recording these scenes was not easy, since it was quite a laborious and tense job.

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“It has been very hard weeks of recording, of a lot of anger, of a lot of anger, of crying a lot, of fighting a lot, of shouting a lot, I have finished a little tense this week, but you will see that things get very strong, the The chapters that are coming are very intense, very beautiful and there are many surprises, there are things that are going to happen that are going to surprise more than one” he began by saying Giovanni Cicia.

Another thing that the Peruvian actor commented on was that before recording the scenes where father and son face each other after discovering all the lies, he had to meet with the actor Frank Pennanowho plays Cristobal, to be able to talk and see how the whole outcome was going to happen.

“With Franco we were nervous, because we knew that long scenes were coming, with a lot of text and very intense, we have to find the rhythm and tone so that it is not just a series of screams or hysteria, we have to work text by text, but that It’s what we actors do for people to enjoy,” said Giovanni Cciccia.

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What novelties come in At the bottom there is room for Diego Montalban?

Giovanni Cicia He spoke about his character Diego Montalbán in the series Al fondo hay lugar, and explained that there are more surprises to discover about him, since the root of all his personality and more details of his past could be known.

“Diego Montalbán I think that despite being a villain, he has a heart and pain, he is not like that for free, you have to see how his childhood has been, how his parents were with him, he has a past that is going to start to be seen in the series,” Ciccia said.