Giovanni Ciccia tells how he worked on Diego Montalban’s fury scene in “AFHS”

The rating went up like foam! Giovanni Cicia moved fans of “Al fondo hay lugar” to tears with the scene in which Diego Montalbán violently rages against his fictional son Cristóbal Montalbán, played by actor Franco Pennano after discovering that he deceived him by assuring that he had finished her cooking studies in Spain.

Ciccia is a renowned Peruvian actor and musician who has a long career in film, theater and television; and now he is telling the time with his character in the successful América TV series. After the commented sequence, netizens flooded the networks, such as Twitter, praising his performance and even considered that it was “Oscar-worthy”.

“It makes me happy and it made me very happy to read so many nice comments from the public about my work, but it is important to highlight that much of the merit goes to the script (…) The story of the Montalbán is being written from scratch this season and it has reached a climax that the public has liked a lot and I feel proud”, Giovanni Ciccia told Trome.

The interpreter of Diego Montalbán feels that he is doing his job well thanks to the support of the public and now he considers that they have seen another side of the character who is one of the antagonists in “Al fondo hay lugar”.

Giovanni Ciccia revealed that, in order to perform these sequences together with Franco Pennano, they had to rehearse several times and even the famous slap in the face was not included in the script, but was something they decided to add. He also praised the professionalism of the young artist.

“The slap was not in the script, it was something that the actors proposed and Franco Pennano said ‘yes, let’s do it’. He is an enthusiastic boy and willing to rehearse. We worked on the scenes before we got to the set and the director liked it. If you don’t rehearse and don’t prepare, your work is going to be weak, ”he added to the aforementioned medium.

Although “Al fondo hay lugar” is one of the leading programs in tune in its time slot, the night of Wednesday, September 21 caused a furor thanks to the performances of actors Giovanni Ciccia and Franco Pennano.

The series managed to obtain 24.9 rating points, placing first in the list of the most watched programs in Peruvian homes. This triumph was the result of arduous weeks of recording.

“There have been very hard weeks of recording, with a lot of anger, with a lot of anger, with crying, fighting and shouting a lot. I’ve ended up a bit tense this week. (…) The upcoming chapters are very intense. (…) With Franco we were nervous because we knew that long scenes were coming, with a lot of text, very intense “ Ciccia revealed.