Girl disguised as Queen Elizabeth II and receives a letter from royalty that surprised with content

This Thursday, a striking news came from the United States with the case of a Kentucky girl whom her family disguised as Queen Elizabeth II, without imagining the reaction that this ‘imitation’ would bring. From Windsor Castle, the response was swift.

And it was learned that the royalty sent a letter to little Jalayne, after they saw the photograph of the minor dressed in a particular way for what was Halloween in 2021. As expected, this unique case turned around to the world and spread on social media.

The girl’s family was surprised with a royal letter

According to CNN, a few months after being dressed as the queen, the girl’s family announced that they recently received a royal mail in their mailbox, sent directly from Windsor Castle, located in the United Kingdom.

The mother, identified as Katelyn Sutherland, checked the mail on December 27 and did not expect to find a letter addressed to her daughter with a royal stamp.

“It was mixed up with our other mail. I had to calm down and make sure not to tear the envelope, “said the excited woman, according to the aforementioned media.

It should be noted that Jalayne, barely two years old, dressed from head to toe in very particular clothes to look like Queen Elizabeth II. For this, he used a set of a light blue jacket and hat, to a white wig and pearls.

What did the royal letter say?

“The Queen wishes that I write to you and thank you for your letter and the photograph that you carefully enclosed. Her Majesty thought it was kind of her to write to her, and the Queen was glad to see the photograph of her daughter, Jalayne, in her splendid attire, ”says the letter that was signed by the maid of honor, Mary Morrison, personal assistant to court.

According to CNN, the girl’s mother tried to help her understand the importance of the letter a little better. They indicate that she put on the hat they used for the costume for Halloween and the two danced excitedly around the kitchen. Emotional.