Gisela and ex Bruno Cavassa would have ‘remember’, according to Amor y Fuego: “He is going to make him dance like Roberto” [VIDEO]

Love or business? After the television host Gisela Valcárcel was shown together with her ex-partner Bruno Cavassa in little outings and mysterious dinners, the show host Rodrigo González gave the former sports commentator a peculiar warning, as he let him glimpse that the popular ‘Señorío’ could convince him to finish dancing in her show just like her ex-husband did at the time Roberto Martinez.

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“But what we talked about yesterday, what we promoted yesterday and everyone said ‘what? From where? How so? Are they a couple? Is it a remember? Are they dating?’ … What’s between Gisela and Bruno? … I’m dying! Be careful (…) Or it could also be that he’s convincing him for his new season, he’s going to make him dance like Roberto Martínez, “he said at first Gigi Miter, who gave a hypothesis that would explain the reason for the meeting between the presenter of America Television and his ex.

Although the idea of ​​a possible ‘remember’ between Gisela Valcárcel and the former sports host could be a truth behind the ex-partner’s encounters, the popular Peluchín hinted that the ‘Queen of Saturdays’ would not give ‘stitch without a thread’ and that his dinner would have a hidden reason apparently related to his program of TV. Given this, the figure of Willax tv sent a warning to Bruno Cavassa.

“They say that at the time that she was with Bruno Cavassa they would get locked up in the dressing rooms … I think at the time it was very passionate … When you go out to eat with an ex, she loves that, something It will be plotted as with Roberto Martínez … Do you think that Bruno Cavassa? I don’t think Gigi, Bruno Cavassa is more expensive than obtaining a passport, can you imagine keeping that, “he sentenced Rodrigo gonzalez in your program Love and Fire.

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Is Gisela Valcárcel caught in outings with her ex-partner Bruno Cavassa?

The cameras of the show program Amor y Fuego captured Gisela Valcárcel with her ex-partner Bruno Cavassa leaving a supposed romantic dinner, and it was revealed that they would be out again. It was via the Instagram from the Willax Television space where a preview of what would be seen in the program on Tuesday, January 11, was shared.

“The mysterious nocturnal encounter of the Farisela with her ex Bruno Cavassa”, was the peculiar description that the program hosted by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter gave the mysterious meeting of the television host with the former sports commentator, with whom we remember he had a fleeting romance many years ago.