Gisela Valcárcel and her daughter Ethel Pozo: Know who Jorge Pozo is in the lives of female drivers

A past under seven keys. Gisela Valcárcel had to work very hard from a young age to have the success that she maintains today. The popular ‘lure’ She is one of the most famous and recognized conductors in Peru as she is also a producer and has several aesthetics to her name. However, her life was not easy because from a young age she had to work to raise her daughter Ethel Pozo for the father of his daughter, Jorge Well, abandoned her. Get to know the story HERE.

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Who is Jorge Pozo, father of Ethel Pozo

So far very little is known about Jorge Well given that Gisela Valcárcel And your daughter Ethel Pozo decided not to talk about him, because he abandoned them when the ‘decoy’ she was pregnant with her firstborn. This situation led to situations of poverty and even the host of América Hoy said that Augusto Polo Campos gave his mother milk to feed her.

A long time ago Beto Ortiz was preparing a report entitled “Secret Life” and in that journalistic work he dealt with the intimate life of Gisela, but she called him to ask him to edit the interview that was carried out with her daughter’s father.

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“He is a person who is not in our lives and Beto had the gesture of withdrawing his statements,” confessed the remembered ‘Queen of the noon’ thanking the television host for respecting his private life since he always wanted to keep the information that was shared private. had about the father of Ethel.

How did Gisela and Jorge Pozo’s relationship start?

On one occasion Gisela Valcárcel She said that when she was a minor she fell in love with an older man named Jorge Pozo, but left her when he found out she was pregnant. This made the television host work hard to get ahead from a very young age.

The loves of the ‘Señorío’ after Jorge Pozo

In 1985, Gisela Valcárcel, then an exuberant dancer, had an affair with former soccer player Enrique Casaretto, several years her senior. Then in ‘Aló Gisela’ the host announced on cameras that she had a relationship with her model, Carlos Vidal, a relationship that lasted 7 years.

In 1995, the ‘Senito’ seemed to have found the love of his life with former soccer player Roberto Martínez, the relationship was portrayed in the memory of Peruvians with ‘The wedding of the century’. But three years later it ended in divorce. Later, Gisela Valcárcel had a fleeting affair with sports journalist Bruno Cavassa.

After more than four years of relationship, Gisela remarries and this time with Javier Carmona, but after eight months they divorced.

Who is Ethel Pozo

Who is the father of Ethel Pozo’s daughters?

The tv presenter Ethel Pozo Years ago she was married to the photographer Fernando Garabán, with whom she has her two daughters Luana and Doménica, who were also accomplices in her mother’s request for her hand.

But, now again the name of Ethel’s ex-husband is on everyone’s lips because he gave some statements to the program Amor y Fuego, where he asked the mother of his daughters to be very careful with people who enter his house because he lives with two minors.

How old is Ethel Pozo?

Ethel Pozo He was born on December 15, 1980 and is currently 40 years old. At a young age, her mother, Gisela Valcarcel had her and as we mentioned earlier, she became a mother and father to her because her father abandoned them.

Where did Ethel Pozo study?

The daughter of Gisela Valcárcel Since she was little she knew what she wanted to do, so she decided to study Communication Sciences at a renowned university in Lima.

Ethel She always had her mother as a reference because since she was little she commented on the ‘little lure’ program that when she grew up she wanted to be like her mother and then become a nun. This caused the audience to laugh.

How many children does Ethel Pozo have?

Television host Ethel Pozo has two daughters named Luana and Doménica with photographer Fernando Garabán. However, Gisela Valcarcel’s daughter was also with the actor Franco Cabrera, but she did not have any children with him.

Who is Gisela Valcárcel

What is the true age of Gisela Valcárcel?

The media television host, Gisela Valcarcel, is 58 years old since she was born on January 26, 1963. This year, the Peruvian television diva celebrated 34 years on TV. Even though he had a long retirement from the cameras.

What sign is Gisela Valcárcel?

The TV presenter was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, a water sign.

Gisela is trolled after assuring that “you are not what you have”

They don’t believe anything. The television host Gisela Valcárcel was thoughtful and shared a photograph of her posing next to a motorcycle taxi, also ensuring that what you have does not define a person, this did not go unnoticed by users on social networks, who without any pity they trolled her.

“It is not necessary to take these types of photos to convey what you say. Everything is preached by daily example”, “You start to get to the canal in your motorcycle taxi and I believe you Sonia !!! “, “I speak Hypocrisy, person !! .. If you acted the way you preach … I would believe you .. but since you are Gisela we all know that NO !!”, were some of the reactions against Gisela Valcárcel.

Gisela reveals that she did not learn any singing in 14 years of her show: “Why are they hiring me?”

He confessed! The popular television host Gisela Valcárcel once again caused laughter to her thousands of viewers during the fourth gala of the current season of The Artist of the Year after launching LIVE hilarious commentary on her little knowledge in singing.

“I want to know something … I’ve been standing here for 14 years. Where have I been? Why do they hire me as an entertainer? Really, what are they calling me for? If I don’t understand anything you are saying,” he said. the television host during her show.