Gisela Valcárcel and William Levy pose together and turn on social networks: “A day of a lot of work”

The renowned businesswoman Gisela Valcárcel She is still far from the small screen, but takes advantage of her holidays to attend important events. This time, the “Señorito” traveled to the United States alone to attend a television production fair and ended up meeting the famous actor William Levyhowever, he did not imagine generating an uproar on social networks.

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As recalled, the television presenter She was going to take the plane to Miami with her daughter Ethel Pozo, but she was unable to travel because her residence in an exclusive area of ​​Lima was robbed. In addition, in this criminal act, the presenter of america today He said that he also lost his passport and visa, which completely prevents him from leaving the country.

Now, Gisela Valcárcel He used his official Instagram account to share details of the international event he attended and revealed, last Tuesday, January 24, that he spent the whole day working. “How do you see… being at a fair is chamba full day. Here we continue”, she wrote in one of her stories, but she would not have imagined that she would meet the Hollywood actor.

In the end, “Señito” published a photograph next to the renowned William Levy, who was also part of the television production fair. “A busy day that ends like this,” she added, clearly moved by the international figure she met.

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Rebeca Escribns envies Gisela Valcárcel for her photo with William Levy

The popular television host Rebecca Writens He was one of the public figures who reacted after seeing Gisela Valcárcel with actor William Levy. This time, the manager of América Espectáculos was extremely furious with “Señito” because she is a fan of the international artist. Therefore, she sent him a harsh message from her, for not thinking about her.

“I’m hating Gisela and her photo,” the Peruvian actress said at the beginning. Later, she added in front of the cameras of More Shows: “Go to the networks, to Gisela Valcárcel’s Instagram with William Levy”. In the end, his partner Ximena Davila I assure you that he could have a message from the artist: “If he sees him again, he will send you the respective greeting,” he said.