Gisela Valcárcel announces the launch of a new Saturday program with América Televisión

What will it be? Gisela Valcárcel She has been away from the small screen for about a year. The truth is that, despite this, she remains in force with the programs managed by her producer, GV Producciones, which are successful. However, the popular “Señito” has shared on his official social networks the news of a new bet that his company will manage and that will be broadcast on Saturdays by América Televisión.

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What is known about the new Gisela Valcárcel program?

Through her official Instagram profile, the presenter shared details of what would be the proposal for a new program. This would be carried out by the producer Miguel Zuloaga. However, despite the numerous images that she presented, only details of her past projects could be seen, such as Gisela magazine and the reality show “La gran estrella”.

“Yesterday, we have presented a new dream. This project, on which we have been working for a long time, has been widely accepted on this first afternoon, in which we bring together people from the industry who know entertainment and audiences. Here I show you in photos and videos something of a day that was as exhausting as it was exciting and happy. Thank you to everyone who was at GV Producciones, thanks to the production team that #MiguelZuloaga leads today and to all the beautiful team that I have the blessing of being in!”, it reads.

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What did Miguel Zuloaga say about Gisela Valcárcel’s new program?

miguel zuloaga He gave concise details of the new bet of GV Producciones. According to what he provided, it would be a new format, apparently, of social assistance.

“Thank you for the trust, Gisela Valcárcel. Did they want new things? Get ready for what’s to come!” wrote.

Miguel Zuloaga is the producer of various series for América TV. Photo: capture/Miguel Zuloaga/Instagram