Gisela Valcárcel captures Giselo in a peculiar moment: “How do you make me roche, passing me the cream”

Gisela Valcárcel prepares for the new gala of ‘The big show’, She has many expectant people and she has not hesitated to advance all the details before going out in front of the cameras. She has even shown some details on her social networks of what hairstyle she will be wearing tonight.

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Among his stories today it was seen how he did ‘roche’ to the popular Edson Dávila ‘Giselo’, who is already wearing the suit with which he will go out on the track of ‘little lady‘. There you can see how he puts cream on his legs and how his godmother jokes with him.

Tonight would be highly anticipated because Gisela announced that she would respond to Magaly Medinaafter orchestrating a great media brawl in which rags were thrown into the air.

From Monday to Friday the popular ‘Magpie‘ has sent different comments to ‘Gise’ and his EGS members. She even brought back many controversial moments from the past, such as an attack on one of her photojournalists.

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What did Gisela’s ex say to Magaly?

Through his Facebook account, Carlos Vidal, who had been described as carrying wallets by Magaly Medina In one of his programs that night, he dedicated a post to the popular entertainment journalist.

“You think that I would have noticed you at that time, ugly on the outside but horrible on the inside,” the former model left him as a message on his social network.