Gisela Valcárcel is surprised by Facundo González with a bouquet of roses and dedicates a song to her: “I will die for you” [VIDEO]

They met again! Facundo González was introduced by Gisela Valcárcel to begin his development on the dance floor tonight. However, the driver was surprised after the model arrived on stage with a unique gift.

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The “reality boy” entered and was immediately seen with a bouquet of red roses, but that did not stop there. Singing the song “Sandro-rosa, rosa” he approached the television presenter and made her a special delivery.

It turns out that the gift was for the popular ‘señoto’, who received the flowers after Facundo got down on his knees and looked her in the eye. Later, both began to dance and sing the melody that sounded in the background.

Gisela did not present a peculiar hairstyle as she was accustomed to her audience

Gisela Valcárcel made her new hairstyle official for this “El Gran Show” gala. The driver exposed the work that her stylist prepared for her tonight after being surrounded by the members of the reality television jury.

And it is that, the second edition of the popular “señito” program, what many viewers are waiting for will not be seen, because minutes before the premiere of the second program, Gisela published on her Instagram account how it will look tonight.