Gisela Valcárcel: Why did you meet Vladimiro Montesinos in the SIN room?

After the media clashes between Gisela Valcárcel and Magaly Medina, it was the entertainment journalist who did not hesitate to show his audience some files he had of the popular ‘Signito’. Thus, in recent days, viewers were able to remember the past of Valcárcel who was involved with Alberto Fujimori’s former adviser, Vladimiro Montesinos.

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For what reason did Gisela Valcárcel meet with Vladimiro Montesinos?

Thanks to the confrontation between the “divas” of television, many have remembered the episode that the popular “blonde” had with Alberto Fujimori’s former adviser.

It was in September of the year 2000, that some images of Gisela Valcarcel all the media were shaken, since the famous “Vladivideos”, which were owned by Montesinos, came to light.

In these images, the former presidential adviser could be seen starring in meetings with political and famous figures in the room of the National Intelligence Service (SIN) to deal with various topics. Among them, it was striking that one of her guests was Gisela Valcárcel.

The Host of “The Big Show” She arrived accompanied by former television producer Francisco Crousillat Carreño and the reason for the meeting, according to the driver, was to try to prevent the book ‘La Señito’ from going on the market, which was written by her ex-partner, Carlos Vidal, about the romance that both they had staged long ago.

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Why did Gisela Valcárcel visit Vladimiro Montesinos?

Magaly Medina revealed that Carlos Vidal, former partner of Gisela Valcarcel, had written a book about their relationship and some things that no one knew about the TV presenter. However, the ‘Señoto’ was willing to do anything because that book was not published and sought the help of Vladimir Montesinos.

“When the relationship ends, she writes her book called ‘La Señito’. Today we don’t know what will become of her life and she goes to Montesinos to prevent that book from circulating,” said the ‘Magpie’.