Giselo cries after Brunella’s resignation and immediately casts to replace her: “Wanted driver”

On the morning of this April 17, Brunella Horna surprised all her colleagues from “america today” with an unexpected decision that she made as a result of the news that her husband has generated Richard Acuna. That is why he decided to resign from the program that he leads in america television.

Given this, Edson Davilathe popular ‘Giselo’, couldn’t help but be sad about the unexpected departure of Brunellabecoming moved by the situation of his colleague while during the communication they established, he announced that he would be away from the cameras.

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And it is that Ethel Well, Janeth Barboza and christian dominguez they understood the reasons why Horna was separating from the small screen and did not hesitate to wish him the best and, of course, a prompt return to the morning magazine that is his home; However, ‘Giselo’ did his thing by doing a casting immediately after finishing communication with ‘Brune’.

“We put the crying aside, but I have a statement, a new driver is being sought for ‘America today.’ Attention Sofía Franco, Belén Estévez, Andrea San Martín”, expressed Edson Davila in front of his other classmates who couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

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Ethel Pozo expresses her solidarity with the moment that Brunella Horna is going through

In the same issue of “america today”, the host Ethel Pozo did not hesitate to refer to the situation of Brunella Horna after she announced her resignation from the magazine they share in the morning.

On the verge of crying, Ethel sympathized with Brunella and let her know that she can support her in whatever she likes so that she can deal in the best way with everything that is happening to her as a result of the controversy in which her husband has been involved. Richard Acuna.

“It is part of your life, we have said it here that we feel frustrated that we cannot tell everything. You can only a little almost nothing, but we respect your opinion, we love you. That is the truth off the screens we have become friends and everything. We are very sorry that today is a see you soon”, mentioned the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel.