Giselo enjoys his trip to Europe with his manager and answers if they will marry [FOTO]

Edson Dávila, known in entertainment as ‘Giselo’, comes enjoying a dream vacation in Europe, however, he is not alone, but accompanied by his manager. This caused an uproar from his followers and they asked him questions about it.

Through his Instagram account, the driver from América Hoy has shared snapshots of his walk through the old continent and in a last publication uploaded a photograph where he appears smiling with his manager in a background of the Effiel Tower.

A user asked him: “Are you getting married in Europe?”

To which Giselo replied: “No amix.” With this, he clarified the doubts of his fans, who were surprised by these images next to their manager.

It should be remembered that the popular Giselo dreamed of making a trip to Europe after several years of work and he finally succeeded.

Giselo receives award for his ampay with production assistant

Giselo was awarded by the ampay with a production assistant because they caught them dancing. In this regard, the driver of América Hoy was excited and decided to do his best together with the young Gabriel.

“When they are already recording you, you have to give everything. He was about to lose his job and that is not my fault, and worst of all is that no one in the video was my friends,” he said.