Giselo “pulls ears” to Jefferson Farfán: “Be a more present father”

After hearing Melissa Klug’s statements apparently about the father of her children, Jefferson Farfán, one of the people who did not hesitate to speak out was the co-host of “america today‘, Giselo, who asked the former Peruvian soccer player to be a more present father, but also addressed the Peruvian model.

At first, the well-known Edson Dávila did mention the athlete’s last name, but later he decided to ignore it and said the following: “I am not going to say names because I do not want a notarial letter, but it appears, be more present, I tell you, from I tell you this headlines,” said the artist at the beginning.

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It was after Giselo also decided to address Melissa Klügwho gave statements but did not mention the last name of his ex-partner and the father of his children, Jefferson FarfanThat is why he asked him to mention it instead of generating so many controversies.

“AND melissathis also goes for you, say names so that you are not generating misunderstandings, “the popular ended by saying Edson Davila in full program.

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What did Melissa Klug say about Jefferson Farfán?

During one of the interviews that they did to Melissa Klügthe model hinted that there would be certain attitudes that would bother her Jefferson Farfanespecially the fact of not being such a present father to his children.

“The attitudes they can take towards my children bother me a lot, but they are already big and they are the best judges for parents. There are things that can be avoided, but they are already out of my hands,” said the influencer.