Giselo visits an exclusive store in Italy and ends up in shock with the prices: “I’ll take Parque Cánepa”

Fire! Giselo is on a well-deserved vacation in Europe after his success in America Hoy, but he does not stop talking with his ideas and did so recently.

Some days ago, Edson Davila He showed off walking with a mysterious young man in Spain, who turned out to be his manager, and later visited a Disney park in France. Now he’s in Italy, and he couldn’t help but be shocked.

It all happened when Giselo He arrived at the Louis Vuitton store, during his time in Milan, and he decided to enter ‘de sapo’, but he did not expect what he would find because his products were not very affordable.

As the dancer himself showed in his social networksJackets, purses, belts, scarves and other items were worth thousands of euros, so he was stunned and made it clear that he would not buy more.

Instead of spending up to 3,000 euros, Giselo made it known to his followers that he preferred a well-known shopping center in Gamarra to exclusive stores in the well-known Italian city.

“Here in the corner of fashion, anyway I stay with my Cánepa Park (in Gamarra). I could do it, I did it, here I am! ” Edson Davila in the stories of his official account on Instagram.

Janet Barboza shows her best steps LIVE and Giselo the trolley: “They are attacks that give him”

A few weeks ago in America Today, Janet barboza He assured that he could dance very well, and showed a fun LIVE choreography, without knowing that Edson Dávila would make fun of him. “No no, they are panic attacks that give the lady”, he said Giselo.