Giuliana prepares a Halloween costume inspired by Magaly: Magpie to make me official

Magaly Medina caused a sensation in social networks when he recommended in his program: “Dress up as a police officer so that one day you can be the official one.” The singer Giuliana Rengifo did not ignore the possible hint, and, on the contrary, reacted to it during an interview with El Popular published on Friday, October 7.

“It is that she believes that, because his notary does not accept that he was with me, and everyone is not going to make me official, she is wrong”, said Giuliana Rengifo when mentioning her fleeting exit with Alfredo Zambrano, current husband of Magaly Medina.

The former member of beautiful water He also addressed his relationship with the Pucallpino notary Paul Pinada. “It’s not that I want to make it official or I’ll die, I don’t want people I’m still getting to make official,” he assured.

And, along those lines, she added: “Now women in the 21st century can also make someone official. I don’t make someone official because they still don’t meet my expectations.”

Given the proximity of the celebration of Halloween or Halloween, the obligatory question to Giuliana Rengifo was what her costume would be. “I’m going to dress up as a magpie, a witch” he answered without hesitation.

“I am going to dress up as Magaly, so that they make me official” He specified and then pointed out “so that later they cheat on you.”

Giuliana Rengifo is not the only celebrity who suggests that Alfredo Zambrano would be unfaithful to Magaly Medina, although she refuses to admit it, as Janet Barboza declared days ago.