Giuliana promotes perfume to attract love and Ricardo Rondón trolls her: “Use it because it doesn’t work for you”

It was cold! The singer Giuliana Rengifo is on her birthday, so she did not hesitate to join the program On everyone’s lips to talk about the media issue where he is the protagonist after he was ‘protected’ kissing a married notary in Pucallpa. She has defended herself in different programs of the national show and has made it clear that the lawyer is a single man.

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The cumbia singer, who has made it clear that Paul Pineda is a gentleman, was saying goodbye to the magazine program mentioning his ventures and brands, when suddenly he mentioned a perfume that caught the attention of Ricardo Rondón.

“You have to go to my boutique in Salamanca and try my sweet heart perfume that you can also buy in Piura,” he said. At this time she again asked the name of the lotion.

“Sweet heart Rondón, I’m going to give it to you as a man,” replied the former member of Alma Bella. “Don’t give it to me, use it yourself because it’s not having an effect. Happy birthday”, trolled the driver.

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Giuliana Rengifo confronts Magaly Medina: “I want to see your face and tell you the damage you cause”

The cumbiambera called the “Urraca” program “garbage” after promoting “ampay” with a married notary.

“Stop calling me to interview me. Although I would like to see your face and look you in the eye to tell you all the damage that your garbage program causes,” he asserted.