Giuliana Rengifo apologizes to Tomás Angulo: “I rule out having been a victim of harassment”

After the demand that Tomás Angulo issued to the singer Giuliana Rengifo after her statements on the program Amor y fuego, the interpreter issued a statement on her social networks retracing what happened and denied having been harassed by the therapist.

“I must clarify that at no time did I claim to have suffered any harassment by the indicated professional or that he has gone too far during the referred psychological therapy sessions that he gave me,” he said. Rengifo.

Likewise, the interpreter clarified that it was not her intention to damage the honor of the professional.

“I limited myself to commenting (…) a feeling of my own internal sphere, absolutely subjective, but which was never intended to affect the honor and reputation of the psychologist Angulo Mendoza, who at no time expressed any act or insinuation that implies abuse of trust placed in him, for which he categorically ruled out having been the victim of any harassment on his part, ”the statement reads.

After clarifying the situation, the singer issued the corresponding apologies.

“I offer the apologies of the case to those who may have felt affected by them,” he concluded.

The entertainment journalist hinted that Giuliana Rengifo spoke of the romance she had with the notary Alfredo Zambrano in 2015 on the occasion of promoting her new album.

In the spirit of publicity, people are able to say everything and with the spirit of my haters to see me surely annoyed or upset, or to see me as the sufferer of a story, they are given to say whatever comes to mind, “said the presenter of Magaly TV, the firm.