Giuliana Rengifo calls Marisol ‘hurt’ for being with her manager: “Don’t think about me, I’m not your friend”

The cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo does not remain silent and answers ‘loud and clear’ to ‘La faraona’, Marisol Ramírez, who recommended that she ‘take care of her image, especially since you have daughters’. Given this, the participant of ‘The Great Show’ responds and assured that she is ‘hurt’, because she does not overcome the sentimental relationship that she had with her manager and ex-partner, Cesar Aguilar.

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Likewise, Giuliana Rengifo clarified that the popular ‘Faraona’ is not even her friend to give her advice and that she will never be: “That’s true and she (Marisol) knows it too, because she’s had her little scandals out there. I’ve been a wife twice times and each couple knows how to carry their ‘mourning’. If the ‘Pharaoh’ thinks differently, it’s fine, but it’s not my way of thinking, so no one is going to change it for me, “he said at first singer.

It is there, where Julia better recommends him: “That he continues singing because he does it super and that he stops giving his opinion of me because I am not his friend nor will we be,” he sentenced Trome.

“He talks about me because he’s angry with me, it would be good if they asked him if I took something from him. Maybe it still bothers him that he was with his manager, because since he found out… he blocked me and made me break up with him, but it was for the best.” , ended.

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Giuliana Rengifo explodes against Magaly Medina and calls her “hurt and shameless”

As is recalled, Magaly announced that, during her program, she would respond to what was said by giselle; however, he also referred to the singer. It is for that reason that Julia decided not to remain silent and took advantage of his social networks to answer and question the attitude of the popular ‘magpie’.

Through your account Instagram, Rengifo left a clear and direct message: “Cara de palo, teaching morals when you are the most conchuda. Damaging the image of another woman, without shame”.