Giuliana Rengifo continues to throw flowers at the notary and thanks him on TV: “He is a gentleman” [VIDEO]

The cumbia singer, Giuliana Rengifo, did not hesitate to throw flowers at the notary with whom she was seen kissing, Paul Pineda. She was interviewed by “On everyone’s lips” this September 22, his birthday.

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Giuliana Rengifo was grateful to the notary Paul Pineda for supporting him on television. According to her, the professional has spoken what is fair and necessary for television in the midst of the scandal. “He has been good, and he has not said more than you want to know, we are friends.”

After stating that there is no sentimental relationship between the two, Giuliana Rengifo She was happy and grateful to Paul Pineda. “The only thing I want to settle is that thank you Paul for always being there supporting the truth.”

He then added: “And thanks to the fans for being there. Always go out and tell the truth, do not distort the news because they are hurt or upset. Always with the truth because everything stays on television,” he added.

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Who is Paul Pineda?

Paul Pineda is a 45-year-old notary who was born in Ica, but is currently living in Pucallpa and has been married for 20 years to a prosecutor from the city where the gallant of Giuliana Rengifo.

But that would not be all, because Paul also has 3 children as a result of his marriage and in the same style of alfredo zambrano It has its own notary’s office in the city of Pucallpina.