Giuliana Rengifo explodes against Paolo Guerrero for a party: “Enough of showing off what you have”

Paolo Guerrero’s party has been on everyone’s lips because it was held in the middle of the pandemic when the third wave of coronavirus arrived in the country with the omicron variant, and Giuliana Rengifo did not hesitate to pronounce.

In conversation with a local newspaper, the singer assured that the athlete should assume all the consequences of the law because the massive meeting for his 38th birthday would not be allowed by the Government.

“I think the law has to be applied to everyone because lives are at risk. The only thing I suggest is that they get vaccinated because the third wave is coming,” he said.

Giuliana Rengifo assured that Paolo Guerrero He was wrong to make such a big celebration in a pandemic, and he hit it with a stick for wanting to show how much money he has.

“He is a reference, but he is also a human being and he was wrong this time. Everything has been scandalized because there were many people, if you have a meeting they have to choose the closest friends and not invite just to show off or say: ‘ Look, I celebrate my birthday the way I want and I hire who I want, ‘”he said.

“Enough of displaying what you have. In these times of coronavirus, you have to share with family and friends that you have counted on your fingers,” she added quite confused.

Giuliana Rengifo He recalled that the law is for everyone. “It got out of hand for Paolo and the law must be for everyone, especially since artists have not been allowed to work for important dates due to the same pandemic,” he said.

Giuliana Rengifo pronounces on the presence of Daniela Darcourt at the party

Regarding the presence of Daniela Darcourt at the party, Giuliana Rengifo gave him a pass. “She has the antibodies because she just left the Covid, but the rest of the people who were at the party, no,” he told Trome.

Likewise, the artist acknowledged that she had also gone to work like the sauce boat did. “I would go, but I would put my rules, such as respecting the public capacity and that everyone go with their coronavirus test. Paolo’s party was a scandal because there were too many people,” he concluded.