Giuliana Rengifo multiplies Magaly Medina’s husband by zero: “I’m looking forward”

Like the Phoenix, so is the northern singer, who tells The popular who lived a terrible moment when he caught the Covid-19, with his three daughters and his mother. This after undergoing a great look and physical change.

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She said that they were terrible days with great fear for their lives, despite the fact that they are all vaccinated. “We locked ourselves in the house, my representative took care of me, I in turn did it with my daughters and my mother. That’s when I realized who my true friends are, “said the former member of Agua Bella.

Were they the worst days of your life?
It was too hard, with immense fear, I admit that I was scared, but instead of falling, I found the strength to overcome everything alone.

How are you now?
We have already done the respective tests and we have all tested negative, we have already been discharged. The worst is over, now to enjoy.

What lessons does this terrible experience leave you?
That life is one, now I understand its true value, after the Covid-19. Take good care of yourselves, take care of yours, that although it is true we are vaccinated, nobody knows how the body can react, each organism is different.

Ready to get back in the ring?
Of course, I am a fighter, enterprising woman, I do not let myself be defeated by anything. I also have a family to support. I have signed shows for Iquitos, Juliaca and Puno, with all the biosafety protocols, the function has to continue, I have no doubts about that.

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Bet on love

Despite her romantic failures, the interpreter said that she does not close the doors to love. “I hope that a beautiful love comes into my life and that he joins me, respects me, engulfs me,” he said.

Are there suitors?
There is never a lack of people out there who compliment me on the networks. But I am calm, dedicated to mine, there is time for everything.

Has the subject of Alfredo Zambrano already been forgotten?
Totally, I do not speak more about that, it was said what had to be said at the time, now we are in another time. I look forward, backward just to gain momentum.

New version of the theme

Giuliana announced that after the success of her last song Qué poco, she is getting ready to go back to the studios to record a new version of the song Corazón, which became popular in the series Al fondo hay Sitio. “I know you are going to like it a lot, great musical surprises are coming,” said Rengifo.