Giuliana Rengifo shares a peculiar video while Marisol talked with Magaly on her show [VIDEO]

Have you seen the show? While viewers were aware of what Magaly Medina and Marisol said, Giuliana Rengifo was relaxed on social networks. Or so she implied with the video she shared while the show was on air.

YOU CAN SEE: Giuliana Rengifo entrusts herself to God and warns: “Be careful who you hurt, I assure you that God reacts” [VIDEO]

And it is that, through the stories on Instagram, the former member of Agua Bella seems to be that she was not aware of the things that were said on the television set of the popular ‘magpie’ since the short does not show anything close to it .

According to the images, the interpreter of the song “Corazón” is seen in her room dressed sportingly. She surely just returned to her house after rehearsals for what will be the second gala of the reality show “El Gran Show”, where she is participating.

The truth is that, possibly, he has something to say since, as is recalled, Marisol and Giuliana entered into an exchange of messages and today, on Magaly’s program, ‘La Faraona’ responded to what Rengifo published on social networks.

Magaly Medina da chiquita: “Dress up as a police officer to be the official”

Magaly Medina appeared in one of her editions, smiling, to reveal the second part of the answers she had prepared for her ‘comadre’ Gisela Valcárcel after the latter dedicated a few words to her at the premiere of “El Gran Show”.

“This is a suggestion for Halloween, another is for those who go out with married men, dress up as a police officer so that one day they are the official. So that they mess with me if they already know me,” he said between laughs.