Giuliana Rengifo undergoes a drastic makeover and looks unrecognizable [FOTO]

It looks unrecognizable. The cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo decided to leave behind the complicated moments she went through after deciding to tell her truth about the fleeting relationship she had with Alfredo Zambrano, Magaly Medina’s husband, and decided to receive this 2022 with a change of look.

Let us remember that it was also almost sued for a millionaire figure by Dr. Tomás Angulo, who assured that he defamed him.

Through your Instagram account, Giuliana Rengifo He shared the images of the result of his big change. “I loved my makeover, I love you,” wrote the singer thanking the stylist who made it possible.

As can be seen, she now has wavy hair with golden highlights.

Her followers did not hesitate to fill her with praise, as they consider that she was quite good. “Beautiful and natural”, “Regia”, “Pretty”, “Your look suits you well”, they commented.

Giuliana Rengifo annoys Paolo Guerrero for a party despite restrictions

Giuliana Rengifo was quite dismayed after the party that Paolo Guerrero had for his birthday, despite the restrictions in the country due to the new variant of coronavirus.

“Enough of displaying what you have. In these times of coronavirus, you have to share with family and friends that you have counted on your fingers,” she said annoyed.