Glenna Duran, the woman who received a life sentence after a parrot betrayed her for murder

In 2017, Glenna Duram (46) was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her husband, Martin (45), whom she shot in 2015 at their home located in the county of newaygo, Michigan (USA). This case would not have come to an end without the help of an unusual witness: Bud, the couple’s pet parrot who provided a key clue against the woman.

Upon finding Martin’s lifeless body and finding Glenna with a head injury, authorities initially believed the attack was a robbery; however, the victim’s children discovered that her stepmother wrote suicide letters in which she apologized for killing her husband.

The investigation focused on Duram, whose situation became complicated after he Christina KellerMartin’s ex-wife, declared to the media WOOD-TV that the parrot began to repeat “Don’t fucking shoot! (Don’t shoot, dammit!)”, which would have been the last sentence the victim said.

Although the animal’s testimony was not officially used, it was considered at first. Even the prosecutor in the case Robert Springsteadconceded that “there is some evidence to support” Keller’s theory.

Glenna Duram has been serving a life sentence since 2017. Photo: WZZM

Finally, and after a day of deliberation, a jury from the county of newaygo Glenna Duram was found guilty on charges of first degree murder. For this, she sentenced her to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Currently, the woman is serving her sentence in the Women’s Correctional Center Huron Valleyin Michigan.