Gmail: how to stop an email if you sent it by accident?

Gmail service email developed by Google has many tricks and secret functions. One of the most interesting allows the user to stop a message, in case it has been sent by accident. Would you like to know how? Here we are going to show you.

To cancel the sending of an e-mail, it will not be necessary to download a strange application on your computer or phone, since it is an option that is found natively in Gmail; however, because it is disabled, very few people know of its existence.

1. Access your email on a PC or laptop.

2. Press the nut icon (upper right corner) and select “see all settings”.

3-. A new window will appear with several tabs. You have to choose ‘general‘.

4. Now look for the option ‘Undo the submission‘and select’30 seconds‘.

That would be all. When you compose a message and hit the send button by mistake, you will have a chance to get it back. Two options will appear at the bottom, the first will indicate that you have already sent the email and the second (the one we are interested in) is called ‘Undo’.

If you select this option (which will disappear after thirty seconds) you can cancel the sending of this email from Gmail. In case you accidentally send an e-mail and more than half a minute passes, unfortunately, you will not be able to prevent the recipient from reading it.