Gmail vs Gmail Go: how are they different and which one is better to use?

Gmail Go is the lightweight version of Gmail for slow or low-resource mobiles. Although it is part of the app ecosystem of Android Go This version of the email service can be installed on any phone with Android 10 or higher. However, many users wonder if it is better to use it instead of the standard version.

In this sense, it is necessary to make a comparison between Gmail and Gmail Go to know which of the two is the best Google mail application. Next, we detail their differences and similarities.

In 2017, Google launched a lighter edition of its operating system, intended for smartphones, which is called Android Go. This support has its own range of apps, including Gmail Go, Files Go, Assistant Go, Maps Go, etc.

Gmail Go for cell phones, the APK at the beginning occupied 9 MB of memory, although at present it reaches 40 MB, in total when installed they add up to 100 MB, so it is not as light an app as you think.

Gmail Go requires at least Android 10 to install, while Gmail, which is the full app, requires only Android 6 as a minimum. Another very interesting thing is that Gmail Go has only received two updates in the last three years, and Gmail is updated about five times a month at least.

In addition, Gmail Go It does not offer notification settings where you can select the sounds, and in more specific functionalities you will notice that it does not have the Chat, Rooms and Meeting tools; Another aspect to note is the lack of smart functions or customization through other Google programs.

For the rest, Gmail Go has the same navigation gestures as Gmail, the same side menu and even the same panel to compose or reply to emails.