Goal: Facebook and Instagram collect the web activity of minors, according to a report

Fairplay, Global Action Plan and Reste Australia joined forces to produce a report that revealed important findings about the social applications of Mark Zuckerberg’s company, now known as Meta.

According to the document, Facebook and Instagram are collecting data on the activity in web browsing in accounts of minors under 18 years of age through software that tracks the web activity of adolescents who are registered on these platforms.

“Facebook can collect data from other browser tabs and pages that children open, and collect information such as which buttons they click, what terms they search for or products they buy or put in their basket,” the research team explains in an open letter addressed to to the CEO of Meta and Facebook.

For the purposes of the project, the study participants created three fake accounts with the ages of 13 and 16. From them, they were able to witness a series of data collected by the Meta ecosystem apps, while visiting sales and informational sites. “There is no reason to store this type of conversion data except to boost the ad serving system,” the analysts asserted.

However, Meta denied the accusations made throughout the pages of the report. “The reason this information appears in our transparency tools is because teens visit sites or applications that use our business tools. We want to provide transparency to the data we receive, even if it is not used for ad personalization “ Joe Osborne, a Meta spokesman, said in a statement.