Golden Globes 2022: when and at what time will the award for the best of cinema and TV be held

The 2022 Golden Globes, one of the most important awards for the world of film and television. The event will be held at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California, United States, and let us remember that among the nominees are the Squid Game, Don’t look up, among others.

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This award serves as a thermometer to be able to predict which actors and films would be the ones that would finally win the long-awaited Oscar. In this note, we comment on all the details so that you can see the 79th edition of the Golden Globes 2022.

When will the 2022 Golden Globes ceremony be?

The Golden Globe Awards, 79th edition, will be broadcast this Sunday, January 9, 2022.

Where can I see the 2022 Golden Globes?

Although it is not yet confirmed, in recent years, we have been able to enjoy the Golden Globes live on the TNT channel. So we have no doubt that this latest installment number 79 can be seen live on said channel.

  • TNT on MOVISTAR: channel 102 and 103
  • TNT in CLARO: channel 702 and 602
  • TNT on DIRECTV: channel 502

What time will the 2022 Golden Globes air?

The 2022 Golden Globes will take place at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California (USA) and depending on the time zone, it will start at 5:00 p.m. However, here are the schedules in different countries:

  • Peru: 8.00 pm
  • Costa Rica: 7.00 pm
  • El Salvador: 7.00 pm
  • Guatemala: 7.00 pm
  • Honduras: 7.00 pm
  • Mexico: 7.00 pm
  • Nicaragua: 7.00 pm
  • Colombia: 8.00 pm
  • Cuba: 8.00 pm
  • Ecuador: 8.00 pm
  • Panama: 8.00 pm
  • Bolivia: 9.00 pm
  • Puerto Rico: 9.00 pm
  • Dominican Republic: 9.00 pm
  • Venezuela: 9.00 pm
  • Argentina: 10.00 pm
  • Chile: 10.00 pm
  • Paraguay: 10.00 pm
  • Uruguay: 10.00 pm