Gonzalo Núñez indicates that Universitario vs. Cristal is not classic and Julinho explodes

In the pre-match Sporting Cristal vs. University of SportOn the 15th date of the Closing Tournament of League 1 2022, the sports commentator Gonzalo Núñez mentioned that the duel between Rimenses and Creams is not a classic of Peruvian soccer. Given this, former sky blue player Julinho was upset and said that it was for him.

In the YouTube sports program “Apressure”, made up of journalists and former players identified with academic Lima Alliance Sporting Crystal Y Municipal They were analyzing Sunday’s great match for Peruvian soccer. In the middle of the conversation, Julinho said that in the classic U vs. Crystal was going to prevail experience.

“Everyone knows that, in a classic like this, the game is for anyone. To me, it smells like a draw. In this kind of match, the experience of players like Yotún, Calcaterra and Novick adds up a lot. The duel between Cristal and Universitario is a modern classic”, he said at the beginning, before Gonzalo Núnez interrupted him.

After what was said by the former player of Sporting Crystal The sports commentator was blunt with his response: “It is not classic (Sporting Cristal vs. Universitario). You are a sellout. Your essence is not seen. If smoke cost, you’d be a millionaire. Modern classic, those are hue***”, pointed out.

To remember Universitario’s last victory against Sporting Cristal, we have to go back to 2018. On that occasion, the creams managed to turn the game around the Rimenses and won 2-1 at the Monumental Stadium. The side of the Peruvian team Marcos López was in charge of opening the scoring; however, Alberto Quintero and Germán Denis appeared, who gave the victory to the ‘U’, who was fighting not to descend.