Gonzalo Núñez reveals that Galliquio ‘adjusted’ him in the supermarket: “He dragged me out by force”

John Galliquio He is a former national soccer player who was champion on several occasions with Universitario de Deportes. During the YouTube program of “A Prensa Radio”, Gonzalo Nunez He shared an incident he had with the former defender a few years ago.

“The ‘Tyson of Peru’, John Galliquio, forced me out of the Plaza Vea. He looked like King Kong. He dragged me out of Plaza Vea by force. I had said, according to him, that the red card was well taken because he had entered with everything and with ‘bad milk’”, he indicated.

However, the communicator stated that the problems between the two were resolved and that they became friends after that episode.

“I told him: I didn’t say that, look at the replay, I didn’t say it was ‘bad milk’. In the end we already became ‘legs’”, she pointed out.

John Galliquio He played in several Peruvian soccer teams such as University of Sports San Martín University, León de Huánuco, FBC Melgar and Serrato Pacasmayo.

Abroad, ‘Tyson’ wore the jerseys of Cruz Azul Hidalgo from Mexico, Racing from Argentina and Dinamo Bucharest from Romania.

The former defender won four national titles throughout his career: three with the cream team (2000, 2009 and 2013) and one with Dominoes (2015).

In addition, he was regularly called up to the Peruvian team for the Qualifiers for Germany 2006, South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014.