Goodbye codes! Patricio asked Luciana Fuster’s hand at La Academia [VIDEO]

They swore love forever! In chapter 11 of The EEG Academy, Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster not only kissed again, but a whole romantic request for a hand ended with a yes.

In this new installment of the miniseries ‘La Academia’, within the reality show, it is seen that the couple has a romantic moment, but just when Luciana falls asleep, Pato enters into action.

This is how the reality boy starts a surprise by placing a long red thread on the model’s finger and when she wakes up and tries to discover what it is, she arrives at the backyard of the place and, without being able to believe it, looks at Patricio.

He managed to hide in a surprise box that opens and asks her a question: “Do you want to marry me?”, To which she answers yes. Although they both manage to seal their love with a tender kiss, something is wrong.

Apparently, a new character in the plot would have come to cause trouble in the final chapter. You missed out? Here we leave it for you:

Patricio Parodi after ‘seeing’ Flavia Laos nervous in an EEG game: “I was unlucky”

He who gets itchy loses! Patricio Parodi did not hesitate to get a little nervous the photo of his ex-partner, Flavia Laos, who was part of the game of charades in This is War, all while playing with Luciana Fuster.

“Nervous zero, obviously I wanted to be funny and it is part of the chacota, who does not laugh and does not have a leash lost, if they already put it on me, I was unlucky, unfortunately it coincided,” said Patricio.

Following the comments of his friends like Jota Benz and Facundo, the reality boy He did not hesitate to answer them but always with ‘the other cheek’, pointing out that they are things that happen.