Google Celebrates Stephen Hawking’s 80th Birthday With Animated Doodle

Google, one of the largest search engines in the world, had stopped surprising its users with its entertaining doodles. It was not until last Saturday, January 8, that the technology giant paid tribute to the birthday number 80 of one of the most influential modern scientists of recent decades, Stephen Hawking.

With a very colorful cover, Google has decided to celebrate the birthday of the British theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and scientific popularizer, who was born in United Kingdom a day like today in 1942.

In the doodle Stephen himself can be seen sitting in his wheelchair with a space background. Accompanied by the letters from Google, next to Hawking there is a button that redirects to a commemorative video that the search engine has made with biographical information about the scientist.

Throughout the audiovisual installment, Hawking himself tells how he went from having a completely normal life to having a minimal chance of surviving his short 21 years. And it is that at that time, the young Hawking was diagnosed with ALS, a progressive degenerative disease characterized by the loss of motor neurons.

Finally, with a very hopeful message, Hawking can be heard giving encouragement to future generations and incentivizing them to continue their research. “Human effort has no limits. No matter how hard life may seem. While there is life there is hope. Act with courage, curiosity and determination, and exceed expectations. You can”, ended the narrated message with the scientist’s voice.