Google CEO thinks the same as Elon Musk: “Society is not ready for the pace of AI”

Recently, several executives of the most important technology companies in the world demonstrated to warn about the risks of continuing to experiment with the artificial intelligence. To the list of outstanding characters, the CEO of Google is now added, who believes that adequate preparations have not been made to keep up with the evolution of the automated system.

sundar pichaiCEO of Google and parent company Alphabet, was present in an interview with CNBC and stated that “humanity is not ready for AI”.

The businessman stated that the rate of development of artificial intelligence will impact each company’s product. In addition, he considered that due preparations have not been made to approach the experiments cautiously and that no one makes the attempt. In fact, about Bard, his own chatbot of his, He assured that he was “speechless” and it is a rather disturbing situation.

Similarly, Pichai expressed that humanity is not ready for the evolutionary pace of AI because they exceed what we have to adapt to them.

On the other hand, although he agrees with other experts on the increase in fabricated news and misinformation, Sundar does not sympathize with those who signed a letter to stop experiments with artificial intelligence. Also, he believes that everyone must adapt as soon as possible to legislate in the best way the capacities of the technology and thus avoid improper uses for it.

In this regard, he declared that those who should be in charge of supervision must be “specialists in social sciences, ethicists, philosophers, and other personnel who help to AIs align with human morality“.