Google Chat: how to mark your messages as unread on Android?

Google transformed Hangouts on Google Chat in mid-March 2021, and granted different functions to the new platform. For example, it stands out the improved search engine with new filters and the unread marker not only for chats but for individual messages so that you never miss responding to those important requests.

This feature has certainly separated the new Google instant messaging software from the rest against applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. This is due to the practicality of the aforementioned ‘unread messages’ feature. If it is still not clear to you how to run it on your Android mobile device, here we show you the way.

In the Chats or Spaces window you will find a button to mark a message as pending. If you keep a long press on the chat you can run it without problems. If you enter the chat and select a specific message, a menu of options will be broken down, among which there will also be the one to ‘mark as unread.

This tool is only for you and your mobile device. This means that if you want to highlight something your partner said in a group conversation, no one else will see it.

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