Google Chrome: how to check the history of incognito mode?

The incognito mode Google Chrome is useful and practical for thousands of users. Nonetheless, it is not totally safe nor anonymous. Many people who have installed Chrome on their computer believe that their history will not be saved. However, there is a trick that will allow you to know all the pages visited.

In addition, it is often recommended to use this function when you are on a PC that does not belong to you, as is often the case when someone attends an internet booth.

According to the technology portal Adslzone There are two ways to view the pages you have visited. The first method requires you to install the extension named “Off The Record History”In the browser.

After installing it, you must enter its configuration and activate the option “Allow in incognito mode”. In this way you can know the history of visited portals just by clicking on the extension.

With the other option, the only thing that is hidden is the user’s history. Despite this, even if you browse websites that way, there is always a trace of where the user spent his stay on the internet.

Obtaining such information is not complicated and is obtained through the Run command.

Your IP will not be hidden and the administrators of the network in which you connect can access this data, so evaluate carefully where you surf the internet.