Google Chrome: what is the ‘panic button’ for and how to activate it in your browser?

The extensions Google Chrome are very important for users, since they allow the browser to have additional functions that its creators do not yet include. Adblocker It is one of the most popular add-ons, since it hides advertising while visiting different web pages, even the annoying ads that appear before YouTube videos.

In addition to Adblocker, Google Chrome has other extensions (available at Chrome Web Store) that are used for your browser to have special characteristics. The ‘panic button‘, for example, is one of the most useful add-ons, especially if you usually have many windows open and want to hide them in one fell swoop, without having to lose them

“Panic Button makes it easy for you to hide all your tabs at once with the click of a button. These are saved as favorites in a separate folder and can be retrieved later, ”wrote the developers of this extension.

How to install the panic button in Google Chrome?

1. Login to Chrome Web Store from your PC or laptop.

2. Find the extension Panic button (you can find it in this link).

3. Click the ‘buttonAdd to Chrome‘and wait a few minutes for the extension to install.

4. In the toolbar of our browser a little red button and shaped like a puzzle, that’s the panic button.

How is it used?

If you are using your computer and someone comes to see what you are doing, just hit the panic button and you will see that it will not only change color (to green), but it will hide all the pages that you opened. When that person leaves, press the extension again and you will see all the websites you visited.