Google: drive your own car and visit the whole world with this free simulator

If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit a foreign city or even drive through the most striking suburbs in the world, there is a totally free app that allows you to do it in simple steps. The driving simulator 3D Driving Simulator adapted by Google offers this peculiar function for internet users with which you can go to any international location from a virtual car.

This simulator, created by Frame Synthesis uses the default maps of Google maps to be able to recreate virtual tours on streets, avenues and long stretches around the world. It is necessary to mention that this application was already available since 2014 but —thanks to the new updates on your system offers a more realistic experience for Internet users.

It was in May of this 2021 when the functions of latitude and longitude to better locate any place on the planet by means of coordinates. In addition, a stick that facilitates driving from any cell phone, since the platform can also be used from mobile devices with Android or ios.

The development and use of app It is very easy, even more so if it is used with a keyboard from your computer because, with the left and right arrows, you can navigate without problems, as well as with the up and down keys to move forward or backward respectively. Automatically, the web gives you 12 locations by default; however, with the option preset locations located at the top right of the screen, you can configure a new route.