Google Maps: 4 hidden tricks for Android phones

Google Maps is one of the most used apps in the world because it is a very useful tool for various activities of users on a day-to-day basis. However, each new update has brought new functions that many people are unaware of and that are kept disabled.

That is why in this note we will show you four hidden tricks of Google Maps for Android that will help you to facilitate the fulfillment of your tasks and that are little known, but very useful.

It is very common for you to use this application when you are traveling, doing sports or looking for directions in the city. At such times a app to listen to music in another window.

To avoid having to change windows every time you want to pass or search for a song, Google maps has the option to display the controls of the Media player.

You just have to go to the main Maps screen and click on your profile photo. In the tab that appears, you must click on “Settings“And then in”Navigation settings”. Then, activate the option “Show media playback controls”And choose the default app you use to listen to music.

This option is activated automatically when it is night, but it can also be always activated to have more comfort in sight. If you want to have it always active, you just have to go to the main Maps screen, click on your profile picture, enter “Settings” and then to “Navigation Settings”. In the new tab, you must go to the bottom to the section “Map display“,”Color section“And activate the option”Evening”.

This option is for Google do not track your routes and schedules. Activating it is very simple, you just have to press the photo of your profile and activate the incognito mode.

If you use the voice recognition of the Google assistant you can give unique voice commands: