Google Maps: discover the new function that will help you to better choose your purchases

We recently told you about the hidden functions of Google maps in its most recent upgrade of which the improvement in the voice commands, due to the multiple tools it offers. Now, as a reason to celebrate the offers of Black friday The application will allow travelers and buyers to know which shopping centers will have promotions and which ones have the best prices according to your preference.

As we know, thanks to the search for places and server GPS locator is app It is one of the most used in the world for the various activities of the users in the day to day, but this addition, in addition to better controlling the capacity of people in a place to prevent COVID-19 It will tell you when is the best time to visit or leave a mall or department store.

Meanwhile, the new Google Maps “ecological routes” help to have a lower fuel consumption until our next destination, since if we consult the voice command upon “Gasoline prices”, will show you the routes and the most suitable prices for a fast and inexpensive destination.

The new role of the app location will also give the user a directory of shops and services at the different airports in your area, with which you can evaluate the schedule and rating of the venue. Likewise, Internet users may add a price list from the menus of each restaurant they visit, so that others can know the approximate amount they could spend in advance.