Google Maps: do you know the trick to know how many people are on a site?

Google Maps has made great strides in its platform over the years. It went from being a simple application of maps and navigation to become a complete service aimed both at drivers, and at any other person who has an interest in knowing information about a specific place.

Among the main functions is the possibility of have references of whether a place is busy in order to be able to choose the best time of day to visit it.

Google maps dispose of two ways to know if a place is busy or not. The application lets you know how many proportion of people are there in a place or if a part of the map registers large numbers of people in real time.

Next, we tell you what are the steps to follow depending on what you are interested in knowing:

If you want to make sure that a restaurant, shopping center or any other space you want to visit not crowded with people when you go, Google Maps offers know how visited places are in real time. All this thanks to a rough estimate that uses the user location data to calculate the number of people present in that place.

This time, you will be able to find out how the place is if you search for it on Google Maps and tap on its name. To do this, you will have to scroll down on the information card and you will be able to see a bar graph that details the influx, at different times of the day. You can too change the date from the drop-down menu at the top.

In addition to knowing the influx of an establishment, Google Maps also allows you to know if an area of ​​the map is very busy.

At this point, the warning appears automatically when placing the map on the area of ​​interest, with an orange indicator that reveals that there is a great influx in the place you plan to visit, as can be seen in the image: