Google Maps expands its functionality to avoid crowds in areas or neighborhoods

Taking advantage of the Christmas is already around the corner, Google wanted to update Maps its maps and navigation app, with several new features designed to improve the service experience when exploring the world through the mobile.

Google Maps will help you avoid crowded places. This functionality will be available worldwide, both in the version Android like in ios. This tool will help users to know if a place is very crowded, in order to avoid it.

Although this feature had already been released last year for malls and airports, now with the aim of facilitating navigation during the Christmas holidays, it also allows us to visualize in which places or neighborhoods there are more people gathered.

That is, the users They can search for a neighborhood to find out how busy it is at different times of the day, as well as establishments that are in the area, such as restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

Google Maps has also introduced other functions to help move within large buildings such as shopping malls or airports, which is why it has expanded its directories tab globally in ios and Android.

In this way, users can know what types of stores are within these large establishments, as well as relevant information about them, whether they are open or not, their valuation and which floor they are on.