Google pays tribute through a doodle to Mama Cax, model and human rights activist

True to its style, Google decided to pay homage to Mama Cax, an award-winning model who is considered by many people as an example of self-improvement, inspiration and self-love despite the adversity that, on many occasions in her life, she had to face, but with the motto of Go ahead in pursuit of your goals.

Who was Mama Cax?

Cacsmy Bruto or better known as Mama Cax, was an artist, model, lawyer and defender of social injustices, above all, of the discrimination that society tends to commit against people of color, against those who feel complexes about their physical appearance. or who have a disability.

The latter, precisely, is perhaps the cause of her most solid convictions that led her to fulfill herself professionally and personally, since Mama Cax was diagnosed with bone cancer from a very young age, a disease that caused her to lose her right leg and In addition, he also underwent a complicated hip operation, as it was not in good condition and the doctors had to replace it.

On the other hand, in the professional sphere, Mama Cax is remembered for having participated in important fashion shows and anti-discrimination campaigns.

Modeling and activism

One of the most important moments in the world of modeling was surely when she received an invitation from the singer Rihanna to participate in the Savage x Fenty show, a lingerie brand owned by the prominent singer. Back then, Mama Cax, she walked the runway in an elegant dark garment and also showed off a colorful design that decorated her prosthetic leg.

In the same way, during Fashion Week in New York, Mama Cax also wore her crutches adorned with some striking flowers that combined and generated harmony with the greenish dress she was wearing on that evening. In turn, she was present in the famous “Wet N Wild” fashion campaign, which took place in 2017.

As if that were not enough, the model was also invited to parade nothing more and nothing less than in the White House in 2017, a period in which Barack Obama held the reins of the United States. After such an achievement, Mama Cax was on the cover of Teeen Vogue and worked for renowned brands such as: Sephora, Tommy Hilfiguer, Asos and Rihanna’s Fenty.

For what she did in life, Mama Cax is considered by many women and by the modeling industry as an unusual figure, since they saw in her an example to follow for her temperance, resilience and persistence in the face of the hard moments that she had to face. get over it