Google Releases Chrome 97 Beta With Website Data Deletion Enhancements

Google Chrome 96 arrived with major performance and privacy improvements this week, but the big G is already preparing more news for Chrome 97 Beta which has just received a change in the way it handles cookies and site data.

Through a post on its official blog, Google announces that it has simplified storage controls in Chrome 97 by reconfiguring its privacy and security settings. It is now possible to delete all data stored by a website by going to Settings -> Privacy and security -> Site settings -> View permissions and data stored in files.

The company says this change results in a “clearer experience for users” and better reflects what you probably visited settings to do. It also reduces the likelihood of unintentionally breaking a site.

“By providing users with the ability to delete individual cookies, they can accidentally change the implementation details of the site and potentially break their experience on that site, which can be difficult to predict. Even the most capable users run the risk of compromising part of their privacy protection, incorrectly assuming the purpose of a cookie, ”he says. Google.

However, despite these changes, developers can visit DevTools to continue accessing more technical details on a per cookie or storage level as needed.

On the other hand, in Chrome 97 we will also see better international keyboard support in Chrome for desktop and installed web applications will feel even more native. In addition, a page-by-site zoom will be implemented on mobile devices.