Google renews the design of its Play Store for the arrival of Android 12

As well as the iOS 15 Android has also released an improved version of its operating system. Soon, this will be enabled for all users globally who have the appropriate support and will include news such as the redesign of its application store, the Google Play Store.

The Android developer company has decided to adapt its app platform to the software’s ‘Material You’. Thanks to the new tool, it is possible to give a color theme to all the elements of the smartphone, which includes the Play Store.

The transition to Android 12 for mobile devices will not be fast and some cell phones may not be updated for several months. From a positive perspective, it has already been possible to preliminary test the ‘Material Themming’ and the level of personalization that it introduces in smartphones.

With this program implemented, the bottom menu and the search bar of the Play Store will change color according to the wallpaper that is defined, and the navigation between the tabs of ‘Games’, ‘Apps’, ‘Movies’ and others You will also receive a change of fluid animations.

These changes can only be seen on mobiles that already have Android 12 which so far are the Google Pixel. However, Google has confirmed that the news will reach other brands and devices.