Grasse Becerra underwent emergency surgery due to bleeding and loses her baby

Grasse Becerra is still in shock, after revealing that she had to undergo emergency surgery in the city of Chiclayo, due to uterine bleeding due to fibroids, which is why she lost the baby she was expecting, and about which she did not know of its existence.

Joshua Ivanoff’s ex-partner She regretted everything that has happened, and after being operated on in an emergency, she commented a little about what has been one of the worst experiences that she has had to live. “I am at the Pacífico clinic, which is one of the best in Chiclayo, and the truth is that I have had a bad time, but I am already improving,” he told the press at first.

“I had emergency surgery because a fallopian tube burst due to two fibroids that I had and this caused me to lose the baby. The doctor explained to me that I had an ectopic pregnancy, that is, that it was out of place (the embryo was missing in utero) and it was not going to be achieved, “he added.

“I didn’t even know (that I was pregnant), I was supposedly about four weeks old, but because of the fibroids and the bleeding, I just found out. When the doctor saw my belly full of blood he told me: I have to operate on you now, I swear I’m still in shock “he said to Trome.

Giuseppe Benigni and Grace Becerra caught on a spree

Let us remember that, in August 2021, celebrities such as Giuseppe Benigni and Grace Becerra were caught on a spree, which ended with police intervention.

The Instarándula portal shared the images of this moment when at first it seemed that everyone present would not have major problems or fear when participating in an event without biosafety protocols.

“At the gates of a third wave, Lima’s revelries are out of control and they were caught there The Little Prince and Grasse Becerra, but what will impact them the most it is the actions of the police to interrupt that party, “wrote Samuel Suárez, who runs Instarándula.