Great movie classics: “Mackenna’s Gold”

Greed is the inordinate desire to possess wealth for the purpose of hoarding it far beyond the necessities required for survival.

Greed, greed, and finally excessive ambition, are feelings that influence the behavior of the person.

Erich Fromm described greed as “a bottomless pit that drains the person in a never-ending effort to satisfy need without ever reaching satisfaction.”

Therefore, these individuals become a kind of vicious circle of wanting more and more, until they reach mental insanity.

Many films have dealt with the subject; but we wanted to remember a film of international recognition; but at its premiere, it was not well received by critics and the American public as was the film “Mackenna’s Gold” (1969).

The plot unfolds when an Apache chief, prior to his imminent death, tells a commissioner named Mackenna (Gregory Peck) that there is a large vein of gold guarded by the spirits of the tribe as a form of protection.

However, the legendary bandit named Colorado (Omar Sharif) finds out about the legend and gathers a group of criminals in order for the commissioner (previously kidnapped) to tell him where said gold is to be able to get it.

All sorts of contradictions will arise throughout the journey; since the greed and rivalries between the group will lead to tough confrontations that will result in the deaths of some of them, in which it will be understood that there will be more gold for the group that remains.

The story is very similar to the Spanish conquest in the American continent of “El Dorado”, a legend that brought a true madness to get the precious metal where territories and human lives were devastated for having something of the precious treasure.

The director J. Lee Thompson knew how to lead a cast of great actors to control their egos, however, in order to achieve a visual appeal that would be very striking for the viewer, it is possible that he has neglected the coherence of the parliaments, resulting in a film that had a devastating criticism at the time. But like any veil of mystery, this film made a profit outside the United States where it was liked and liked by the public.

Possibly, the passing of time has not honored it, but it is a film very well remembered by a generation that saw it and enjoyed it. That is why we wanted to remember it for new moviegoers. This is a western combined with action and suspense.


1) This film is based on the novel of the same name by Keck Allen. Known by the pseudonym Will Henry.

2) Gregory Peck would have turned down the role; but the director was able to convince him. However, the actor was not very convinced with the pro.

3) Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen would have rejected the aforementioned leading role.

4) Many of the supporting actors worked on the television series “Batman.” They were: Burgess Meredith (Penguin); Julie Newmar (Catwoman) and Eli Wallach (Mr. Freeze).

5) The work was filmed in 35 and 70 mm format. The latter to highlight the spectacular nature of its landscapes.

From Director J. Lee Thompson: He was an English filmmaker who alternated films both in England and in Hollywood.

Qualification: The Night of the Generals
Country: USA.
Year: 1969
Duration: 128 minutes
Qualification: 3/5