Greg Michel is in a coma after suffering a serious accident in Tarapoto

Greg Michel, a model who became known for participating in programs such as Combate, is in a coma after suffering a serious accident in Tarapoto last Monday, November 15. The information was released by Sebastián Lizarzaburu, who did not hesitate to reveal details of the event and ask for help in his recovery.

The incident occurred in Greg Michel’s gym, which is located in Tarapoto. The former Combate member was rushed to the hospital because he suffered cuts to his body and lost a lot of blood.

“I don’t know how to deliver this news. While I was traveling from Miami to Lima, Greg Michel, one of my best friends whom I even consider almost my brother, suffered an accident, one of the mirrors in his gym burst and cut several veins and arteries, so he lost a lot of blood”, Expressed Lizarzaburu.

“They had to take him to Tarapoto as an emergency, in that course he lost too much blood and they had to do a bypass, and the heart could not stand. Right now he is in a coma, in critical condition. Fortunately, as soon as I set foot in Lima, my messages burst and at the touch we began to move contacts and we got the blood donors I needed to, at least, be stable, now we are seeing the transfer to Lima, “he added.

As he commented in another story, the veteran suffered a heart attack that left him in a coma. “In the surgery room he stopped, now the doctors are fighting to revive him,” he said.

Sebastián Lizarzaburu and a friend very close to Greg Michel, who is monitoring the health of the model in Tarapoto, have requested financial help for the treatment and, if possible, his transfer to Lima.

The model of Belgian origin is in critical condition after suffering an accident in a gym. Hours before the unfortunate event, Greg Michel showed off in the streets of Tarapoto, without thinking that hours later he would go into a coma.

The former reality boy portrayed his passage through that city on his official Instagram account. In the images he is seen moving on a motorcycle.

This Tuesday, November 16, it was reported that Belgian model Greg Michel is in a coma after suffering serious cuts in his gym. His Instagram followers and users of the platform left him messages of encouragement.

Thousands of people left positive comments on the former reality guy’s latest post. “You can, get out of that bed!”, “Force, Greg. You are going to recover for your son “and” That you recover, it is not fair what has happened to you, “it reads next to a photograph.

Greg Michel is a model of Belgian origin who is currently fighting for his life in a hospital in Tarapoto after suffering a serious accident. In 2015 he entered the reality show Combate, gained fame for his character and also for being involved in various complaints of physical assaults.

During his participation in the defunct competition program he was related to Olenka del Águila, with whom he has a son.

According to reports, Greg Michel traveled to Tarapoto to continue working in the branch of his chain of gyms. It was in that place that he suffered serious injuries when one of the mirrors of the place fell on him.

In his Instagram account you can see the latest photographs he published of his passage through the jungle city. In the images you can see him in front of various places and next to her he left unique messages such as: “Enjoy life before it enjoys you.”

Through a statement, Essalud explained that Greg Michel age 36, arrived for emergency care at Hospital II Tarapoto, of the Tarapoto de Essalud Assistance Network, on Monday, November 15 at 02:01 pm

(Greg Michel) presented deep hemorrhage as a result of a deep cutting injury with glass in the flexure of the right arm ”, said the entity.

“In an immediate and timely manner, the professionals of the Hospital II Tarapoto de EsSalud provided the patient with the medical attention required due to the severity of the case, later entering the operating room to be operated on,” he added.