Greg Michel sends message from hospital after waking up from coma

Greg Michel showed significant improvement after being in a coma for several hours. The Belgian model suffered a serious accident at his gym located in Tarapoto. He arrived at a local hospital with deep cuts on his arm and lost consciousness in the middle of surgery.

Sebastián Lizarzaburu, one of his best friends in Peru, contacted Women in command to give an update on the health status of the former reality boy. As reported, the worst part of his condition is over; Furthermore, they have already arranged for his affiliation to the SIS so that he can be transferred to Lima.

“Today they removed the tube, he is already breathing on his own and managed to send me an audio,” said the businessman.

Greg Michel woke up from a coma after the serious situation in which he found himself and sent a message to Sebastián Lizarzaburu through WhatsApp, in which he thanked his colleague for the support he has given him.

“Thank you, my aunt, for always being with me,” the model is heard saying in the audio. His words confirm that he is stable and able to speak.

Paul Gallo, one of Greg Michel’s closest friends, spoke with América Espectáculos and gave details about the condition in which the former reality boy arrived at the hospital. According to him, the situation was so complicated that specialists evaluated amputating the affected arm.

“That (the amputation) was heard at first because his arm was quite cyanotic and he had hypovolemic shock, he also suffered an arrest. Thank God it didn’t have to come to that ”.