Greissy Ortega and her life in the United States: “If they put me in a shackle, I would ask to be deported”

Very far from the controversies and after moving away from his sister Milena ZarateToday, Greissy Ortega lives a much calmer life next to her partner, Italo Villaseca in United States.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Greissy Ortega elaborates on how the process was to enter USA. Regarding the entrance to the American country, the influencers He says that entrants are provided with a cell phone with which they contact the relevant authorities for a month, however, he added that there is another method of control.

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“They put an electronic shackle on you indefinitely if you have a criminal record. I swear that if they put a shackle on me, I would ask for my deportation,” he says. Greissy Ortega Trome daily, thus he also states that at the moment he is carrying out the corresponding paperwork to obtain his ID, meanwhile he is resorting to various tasks.

Greissy Ortega told Magaly about her hardships upon arriving in the United States.

“Here we work cleaning vacant offices, cleaning houses, customer service and I’m not ashamed because we’re taking the dirt off for our children. Here you can’t say no to honest work,” she says very proudly when asked about how they’ve been supporting themselves.

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Greissy Ortega distances herself from her sister Milena Zárate

Greissy Ortega revealed that he no longer talks to his sister Milena Zaratethe distance occurred after the dancer traveled to the United States last year.

“I talk to my parents and my sister Kelly, I don’t talk to milena, it’s better that way. She in her things, I in mine, each one in her world. The truth is there is no roll, we simply do not talk, ”she remarked.